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Those Hopeless Romantics

June 10th, 2021

The Romantics who wrote poetry in England elevated romantic love above all else. Today’s pop culture and music seems to be obsessed with romantic love and all the artists and American society have yet to abandon the influence of Lord Byron and the Romantics who believed that Romantic love was all that really mattered.

People throughout the centuries have been marrying for many different reasons. Sometimes, if you were a noble person in medieval or renaissance Europe you would be married in an arranged marriage for either peace treaties or alliances. No one throughout history ever waited for marriage and even in medieval Europe, which was the most religious time period the world has ever seen a form of common law marriage was widely practiced and accepted. A man and a woman would simply promise themselves to each other and the village would agree that they were married. A problem developed however, when guys being guys would simply tell a woman whatever she wanted to hear to sleep with her. The women complained about it and the Church being the authority on such matters decided to make marriage a religious sacrament and from there you have marriage in churches as it is today. Even today some women or men marry for money and not love, some people marry their best friend of the opposite sex simply for companionship and stability in an ever changing world and life. The Romantics however always felt that romantic love and marriage for that reason was of the utmost importance. Today’s pop music and culture still descends from those English Romantic poets and Lord Byron who were obsessed with romantic love.

In today’s society, teenagers and people less educated still fall victim to pop culture’s obsession with falling in love. Is this good or bad? Who knows? It is the way it is, but marriage ideally needs to be two economic units coming together to function as a team in society, romantic love aside. With pop culture the way it is, it could be argued that many young people put the cart before the horse and seek romantic love marriages before they even stand on their feet as individuals. Now it is natural to seek sexual partners once puberty is reached because the human body changes and develops interest in the opposite sex. That is simply natural. The elevation of romantic love and its imperative in marriage and life however is debatable. Love can probably best be described as positive life energy and a desire to see someone happy and healthy. Arguably there are many forms of love, such as parent for child, best friend for best friend and even romantic love. To elevate one form of love over another is most likely somehow damaging to society and young people who might not know any better than what Norah Jones or Britney Spears might have to say. If one can say there is a catastrophe in following leaders, there is also a catastrophe in following artists and pop culture.

In conclusion, the Romantics who were a literary movement in England and led by Lord Byron elevated romantic love above all else. Marriage, throughout the centuries has occurred for many different reasons and to simply say it must be for romantic love is simply not what is necessarily feasible. One should feel free to marry who they want if they are financially self sufficient in society. Two economic units coming together is imperative in society as it is today. Many people, especially young people put the cart before the horse and most likely burden their parents with expenses for children etc. So, beware those hopeless romantics and crooning songbirds who simply cannot live without your love.